Friday, December 21, 2007

Medical-Nursing career

Five years ago I found myself in the care of a medical-surgical nurse. I was recovering from major abdominal surgery. I have a very rare disease known as retroperitoneal fibrosis. It's not known as a fatal disease but it may not be possible to get rid of it. Often it strangles the uretra of the kidneys. Not fun.

I was in a teaching hospital in Chicago. My very experienced doctor prescribed a medicine for the pain. I saw the nurse roll her eyes. After the doctor left the room she talked with another doctor who changed the prescription. Thank God for great nurses!

Med -surg nursing has always been considered the starting point for fresh grads to get their feet wet before they move on to a specialty such as labor and delivery, emergency room, psychiatric nursing or surgery. But as of late, med -surg has been considered a specialty of their own. You can now obtain a certification in med- surg and have the title of certified med- surg nurse.

Check out this article about medical-surgical nursing:


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